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Three Horses


Equine Sports Massage Therapy is where soft tissues of the horse are manipulated with the goal of loosening tight muscles, joints, tendons, scar tissue and stress points; increasing blood flow and lymphatic activity and reducing stress. Trigger point therapy, stretching and mobilisation techniques also form part of my massage treatments, along with light therapy.

By promoting relaxation, circulation and healing, equine massage can help improve a horse's performance, balance and mental state. Massage plays a very important role in prevention therapy and in recovery from injury.

Dressage Horse


A sports massage is a deep soft tissue massage that manipulates your muscles, connective tissue and fascia. The pressure of the massage can be altered to match your individual needs. You do not have to be an athlete to benefit from a sports massage. Muscle tension and tightness can occur from every day activities and people often book a sports massage to maximise relaxation and well-being.

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